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Why we need Chris as our Councillor for Como Ward

I met Chris in 2014 in the first days of the fight to save the Mentone Hotel and was not surprised for him to step up again when Council proposed to change the zoning for much of Mentone to 3 storeys. Chris is a professional person who works with others to get agreements. He is extremely reliable and most important of all for a local Councillor, keeps himself deeply informed of issues and never ever gives up! I recommend everyone VOTE 1 Chris Hill as your Independent representative for Como Ward.

Clarke Martin, Mayor of Bayside

If you live in Como Ward you could not wish for a better candidate than Chris. I worked with Chris on Save The Edgy and admire his passion for the community and his never say die attitude. He is a dedicated Kingston resident who is calm and unruffled and has a knack of bringing people together even when the chips are down. If you feel you deserve a Councillor who is true to his convictions always, VOTE 1 Chris Hill and tell all your friends to do the same.

Jodie Hickey, Save the Edgy Committee

We need new voices on Council and Chris Hill is one of them. He is hard working and ethical, with a set of values our residents need. I have seen firsthand Chris’ genuine commitment to fight for our community against overdevelopment, having worked together with him on K-SOS. Chris knows the challenges Como Ward faces and has a proven track record of getting results. Chris is the truly independent candidate we want advocating for us, and we urge all our neighbours in Como Ward to VOTE 1 for Chris too.

Jim and Hilary Johnston – Long Term Residents of Mentone

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