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VOTE 1 to protect Kingston’s neighbourhood character

🏠 Advocate for the community on key issues such as the Draft Housing Strategy, which had proposed rezoning many of our quiet residential streets to allow 3 storeys

🏠 STOP overdevelopment and listen to people's calls to retain current planning protections around site coverage and locating double storey homes towards the front of blocks

🏠 Given my experiences as Chair of Save The Edgy and Co-Convenor of Kingston Save Our Streets (K-SOS), advocate for improved community consultation, to ensure residents are better informed and engaged, particularly in key planning reforms

🏠 Request a review of Kingston’s heritage buildings and identify properties which deserve further protections, to mitigate the risk of losing more iconic local landmarks

🏠 Monitor plans for Kingston’s Major Activity Centres including Cheltenham and Mentone in Como Ward and continue to engage with the community for their feedback

🏠 Advocate for affordable and social housing and eco-friendly construction practices to be incorporated in future urban renewal projects


VOTE 1 for cleaner greener beaches & streets and to improve access to open space

♻️ Call for an investigation into why seaweed collects, especially at the Northern end of Mentone beach and identify possible solutions to overcome the issue

♻️ Advocate for more open space and identify possible locations for new parkland

♻️ Review playgrounds in Como Ward to ensure they are well maintained, updated when required and more accessible and inclusive for children of all abilities

♻️ Consult with the community regarding off-leash dog parks and identify opportunities to increase access to off-leash dog areas throughout Como Ward

♻️ Advocate to increase tree planting in our streets and foreshore

♻️ Investigate how "moonscaping" by developers might be prevented, in order to better protect our urban canopy and the neighbourhood character of our streets


VOTE 1 for more funding for sporting clubs, safer streets and support for businesses

💵 Investigate if it's possible to expedite the planned resurfacing project for Dolomore Reserve Running Track, so it can be ready in time for the commencement of the 2021/22 Little Athletics season

💵 Support Mentone Life Saving Club to establish a vibrant public food and beverage venue

💵 Consult with Mentone's schools and examine ways to improve safety and reduce traffic bottlenecks during school drop-offs and pick-ups, which may include a think tank with local residents

💵 Listen to traders and support their efforts to promote more vibrant shopping centres

💵 Identify opportunities to assist businesses and individuals suffering financial hardship due to COVID-19

💵 Champion businesses looking to relocate to Kingston and identify ways to better support new local start-up businesses

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